Friday, April 25, 2014

My Personality in Talentoday

Personality radar



Ease in public: 6
You can be reserved but that does not prevent you from expressing your opinion in public or to new people.

Opening up to others: 4
You favor your opinions and generally pay moderate attention to new ideas.

Diplomacy: 7
You prefer to avoid conflict. You carefully express your point of view making sure not to offend your audience.

Persuasion: 6
You do not necessarily like to argue, but do not hesitate to defend your points of view when necessary.


Leading: 6
Leading a team does not come naturally to you but you can accept the group's decision.
Taking responsibility: 8
You readily volunteer for new assignments and you like to be considered the key to success.

Organization: 5
You are methodical and organized but are also flexible when faced with unexpected circumstances.

Vision: 7
You like to adopt an objective approach and go to the heart of the matter rather than to spend time on tasks which require going into detail.


Self-confidence: 6
You are able to trust your judgement and overcome your doubts when you are not certain about succeeding.

Independent mind: 4
You do not appreciate criticism and like to trust the opinion of the majority.

Creativity: 6
You show originality but without questioning established procedures.

Autonomy: 2
You need precise guidelines for your work, you feel reassured under supervision.


Stress management: 6
You are able to manage your stress even if you avoid exposing yourself to pressure.

Responsiveness: 5
You take the time to reflect in order to assess situations but you are also able to react spontaneously if need be.

Patience: 5
You favor actions which enable you to obtain immediate results, you don't like to wait to obtain concrete results.

Respect for authority: 8
You value respect for authority and customs, you do not like to break rules.


Determination: 4
You are able to review your objectives in the event of difficulty, you prefer to avoid confrontation with obstacles.

Ambition: 3
You need to progress at your own pace, your career is not a priority.

Work ethic: 2
You do not like working hard without a break, you tend to measure your effort.

Competitive spirit: 9
You are comfortable in competitive situations. You like to be challenged and prefer competition to cooperation.

 Motivations radar


Social recognition: 8
You believe that the prestige of a position or the reputation of a company is important.

Pay: 5
You would like to receive a high income even if money is not an objective.

Security: 7
You do not always seek security in your work even if you prefer to avoid taking risks.

Private / professional life: 4
You like having free time for your hobbies even if professional activity remains a priority.

Philanthropy: 8
You are interested by the prospect of relating a humanitarian cause of a social aim to your assignments.

Need to belong: 5
You like to belong to groups or networks. You are aware of their importance but they are not a major concern.
Need for relations: 6
You like to have contact with others even if you are capable of progressing alone.
Need for variety: 1
You are not motivated by having a variety of assignments, you need to focus on one main activity.

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